Archangel Orion

Archangel Orion

 His primary role is to help us manifest in the dense cluster of the Earth based realities. As Archangel Orion is not that well known it’s well worth posting this.

 A vision of Archangel Orion began to build up as I channelled him over that first night and a few days later in meditation. I did look up what others might see of him, but we often see what resonates with us. I saw nothing like I was shown on the web. I believe the first night I began to see him he was standing wings slightly furled around him. A background of gentle darkness lit only by a few stars. I could see that his outer feathers were a burnished gold. On the innermost surface of his wings the feathers were a dusky, darker gold. His face was that on the lovely Kyle Gray card. Dark hair sweeping slightly in at his shoulders to frame a beautiful serene face with dark eyes.

 As I appeared to move in closer, I began to see more detail in the wings. The shaft of each individual feather and the barbules began to light up with brightly coloured motes of light. At first, there were many beautiful colours moving up the shaft and outwards within each barb of the feather. It was an incredible complex movement of light. A short time later they shifted into gold and warm white sparks. I realised he could control this aspect of his appearance at will.

 Flick. I was moved back to see what was happening around him. Archangel Orion unfurled his great wings further so that the motes fell like a Divine rain from his wings in beautiful coruscating patterns. I felt they were not sparks of light, they were more like coloured stars that faded into the infinite realities swirling around him. Blown away on the unseen winds of Divine will. He is truly the Archangel of Manifestation specialising in altering the realities in the dense Earthly realm.

 Another hauntingly beautiful glimpse. One of my greater visions to rank with the first of seeing Archangel Metatron himself in silvered armour sitting on a great throne.

 Devon. Sept 12th & 15th. 2018

 Use this visualisation to help you connect. Embroider it if you will. Ask for help from him to manifest that which you need to help and support you here. Archangel Haniel is also one who can help you greatly. Their roles are slightly different but overlap.