There are many books about crystals and that’s a lot of stuff to work through. If you’re fairly new to all this material, then ideas are important. I do recommend you read a few books and maybe go on a course. Pick out from the texts what resonates with you and do not accept everything you find. Question. Be sceptical and yet open minded. Categorise information into boxes such as useful, to develop, curious, unbelievable. Think outside the box.

 Once you begin to connect, feel guidance and energies, see auras more clearly and pick up on some of the signs and symbols your guides scatter across your path then you’re definitely ready to apply this key principle.

 Focus, Visualisation, Manifestation and Affirmation (Validation) will open up many exciting streams of thought and pathways to explore.  

 I came into using crystals from a very different viewpoint. Maybe this is a challenge to integrate some of these ideas. Please reject those that you find difficult to accept at this moment in time. Validation is so important to us all. We all need validation from a range of different sources.  I hope to give you ideas which you could extend and develop into new practical applications with crystals. I’m not dictating what you must do or believe. Without imagination, ideas and creativity how can we visualise and manifest?

 Level 1

Information on crystals from the equivalent of crystal bibles or texts. Occasionally from trusted sources on the Web. Use of specific crystals to Chakra balance and use in healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Protection.

Level 2

Seeing and working with specific crystals with a particular deity or ascended master or angel at their heart. Crystal grids. Mesas. Connection. Communication. Visions. Attuning crystals to your own average energy field. Healing your crystals.

Level 3

Attuning crystals to your specific frequency. Understanding that many individual crystals are sentient in their own right. They too are part of a collective or matrix. As we are of our own soul family. As they are sentient, they too are part of the Divine ascension cycle. Collectives are capable of using other hosts as we are, to be challenged, to learn and to ascend together.

I believe that they have the ability to link into a hive mind not unlike a vast crystalline matrix or a super computer. The hive minds in their own right can link and work together on ascension projects. I have many more ideas on their work both with the ascended, with the galactic civilisations and the multiverse itself.

So, in plain English. Don’t judge a crystal by its size or by its inherent beauty. See them as working symbiotically with the Ascended. They are able to link into unseen energies and work with different realities at a quantum level. Feel a connection with them, go with the flow and enjoy the wonderful things they can bring into your life.


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