Bind Runes

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I became very interested in runes when I had just started to piece things together. After a year of chasing signs and symbols. Interpreting visions. Facing challenges. I encountered two rune readers at different holistic events. It’s only now that I truly appreciate their impact. One refused to give me a rune reading in the open forum giving his reasons. However, he did give me a wonderfully encouraging reading using a Celtic oracle pack. In discussion the other rune master just moved her hand a fraction and I felt a great force in my heart chakra. She had seen something and tested me.

Sometime later in Lisbon I was being attuned to Vortex healing energies and we had completed a lot of meditations over the six days of the course. I had a very esoteric  encounter with an ascended rune master and that truly re-ignited my interest in runes.

Runes are a form of divine symbols given to humankind by the ascended. They are incredibly powerful for those who learn to wield their energies. I admire the eloquent content of the website Norse mythology for smart people. There is a great section on runes.

 A bind rune is created when you combine two or more runes. You may wish to call them sigils. I believe and feel that bind runes are greater than the sum of their component runes. I have channelled a new bind rune which I use a lot for demonstrations. Every time I complete the sequence in its designated order there is a spark at completion. The traditional bind runes also have their uses. Most folk are able to feel their energies.

 I am working on other forms of bind runes, so this page is also a work in progress.

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