Grounding & Connection

Grounding and Connection.

You don’t have to get every detail right. Intent, focus, visualisation. Your guides have a vested interest in helping you. Grounding needs to be done every day or as close to that as you can.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to accept that you truly are a multi-dimensional being. You are the footprint of your soul family or collective here. Don’t take my word for it. I struggled with a shed load of concepts like this. As your experiences grow, I hope you reach a plateau where you might think there might be a tiny grain of truth in this idea. Perhaps you can move it from the truly unbelievable box and just maybe temporarily put it in the work in progress box!

To be grounded allows you to be centred here and not in other places or realms. It gives you the capacity to communicate more effectively with your higher self or guides. There are many other advantages too. You feel connected to Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama. Safe, protected, loved.

Firstly, sit as in the safe meditation stance in an upright position with your spine straight. Hands relaxed in your lap. Palms open to the sky. Feet to the earth and uncrossed.

For Starters.

Visualisations like this are common practice but we have to start somewhere. Imagine above your head a great column of light. Almost crystalline white light flowing from the Universe moving down through your Soul star and into your Crown chakra. Down the main chakra line. Breathe in this light. Feel it energising your chakras. Breath out releasing any negativities or thoughts that trouble you. See the energies stream down through your base chakra, legs, feet and into your Earth Star.  Visualise the column moving down through all the dimensions of the Earth and into the central core. Feel the column enlarging enough to surround your aura. Strengthening.

You can ask for the column to be anchored in the crystal core of the Earth. I prefer to visualize the Earth not as a crystal but as the beautiful Goddess Gaia with incredible energies flowing in and out of her. Divine arcs and spirals. I ask her to anchor the column of light. Feel aligned, centred, grounded, protected, loved with this connection.

I ask Gaia for a source of golden energies. Now visualise a great column of these energies moving upwards along the column of white light. See it moving swiftly upwards from the earth’s core. Begin to move your consciousness with it. Back up from the core and its layers. Up through your Earth star, body and into your Crown chakra. Out into the Universe and out to the great Central Sun itself.

Nearly there. Feel the twin flow of energies. Visualise the columns of energies again and that connection to Gaia. See the columns of light / energies around you. Release all thoughts of past and future. Live in the moment.


The visualisation can be further developed to include different kinds of energies. Perhaps introduce the use of constructs. In one meditation I was shown another way to link the Earth star and Soul star chakras together using a weave of energies. That’s on the curriculum for advanced students of Black Tree School.