Vision Interpretation

Vision interpretation is another way to energetically connect to your guides.

There is never a right way or a wrong way, but there’s often a better way.

The devil is in the detail.

Once you can tease out the little details, the intricacies that have been placed in the vision, then its interpretation flows.

Example from a student I am mentoring. Revisited a couple of weeks later.

“It was like a great bird in the sky. I couldn’t see it very clearly. One wing was indistinct. One was jewelled. There was a great light behind it.

Discussion. What questions might have been asked to greater clarity to the meaning of the vision?

The Paper Tiger - use of the Internet.

The immediate use of the Internet often gives a generic answer that often may not fit the intention of the guide. Of course you might be able to bend the interpretation to fit other circumstances in your life.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Given during a healing to one of the students. The student was seen as a child wandering through a garden. Beautiful flowers and butterflies were everywhere. However standing in one corner of the garden was a large paper tiger. The paper tiger sort of seemed out of place. It stood out. There was an immediate use of a mobile internet source to track the symbology before there was more of a considered re-examination of the vision.

The student had been talking earlier about attending the healing course. About believing in the reality of this path and indeed healing in general. She had been very emotional and was considering a year out to regroup. At first she felt out of her depth in the group but that all began to change and by the end of the third day she was becoming much more assertive in the conversation and engaged more freely in the group discussions.

I felt it was a message from a loved one who had just passed away. I felt the essence of the message was that her concerns as a child or someone new to all these beautiful experiences was that her fears were groundless.

The paper tiger is an illusion of fear that is blown away on the winds of reason.

The paper tiger seems at first as very powerful predator and silent killer that stalks (moves with you) (Something to be very afraid of). So it could be a link to child hood experiences for her regarding alternate reality that may have scared her. It could also be a message about her concerns of attending the course and the attunements. I guess I will never know. Furthermore once the paper tiger had been identified as toothless, the beautiful experiences would continue to swirl around her regardless.

 Using the Internet as a resource, wisely.

Extract from my journal.

September 19th 2017. A sunny day. Beautiful vision while closing eyes on lounger. I write this up the day after. I have used the internet just to firm up a couple of details.

It starts by seeing a lot of old drawings. Why do I get this impression? Because everything is coloured in sepia orange and faded brown. They remind me of the detailed drawings in an oversized library book I looked at as a child. Those of the great Leonardo Da Vinci outlining his inventions and work. I feel there is a map somewhere in these parchments as they flow from right to left across my vision.

Then I saw the eyes and headband of a strikingly, beautiful woman. Her profile was side on. All in gold. Her skin golden, her eyes dark. I cannot quite make out the detail in her headband but there is some small 3d animal that faces out.  A black bird of prey with arched wings fell out of the sky to the earth, in front of me. I felt I saw feathers outstretched from the wings. Did it catch something? Unsure but felt it was not big enough to be an eagle.

Think I had a short break. Excitedly tried to meditate again and hope I would continue with the vision. Followed by more flowing images of detailed pen drawings. Did I see a dark skinned hand wearing a jewelled golden ring? Then again the gold skinned women with such beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.  The image had pulled back a bit so I saw a gold skull cap over her head and a long slender neck. This time I felt she wore a mask with outstretched wings a little like a golden butterfly. Finally a beautiful multi-faceted eye. There was no iris or pupil, it looked as though it was a deep blue planet and then I saw flecks of gold running through it.

Felt I had to work more on the interpretation myself. Well I was given the name Isis and looked her up on the web. Promising fit in the second image of the first line. Back to the web. The animal looked a bit like a snake, felt unsure. I was some feet away. Then I saw a vulture headband reference as well as a carved image and the two reinforced each other. Isis is also seen as a winged goddess, hence the winged mask. The bird of prey associated with her is the Kite. So looked up images and the feather spread on the wings themselves seemed to match. Bingo.

This new guide coming in to help is Isis.

Discuss the detail that is expressed in the vision that enables it to come to a successful interpretation. There is a significant clue given by the blue planet image – what could it represent?