Soul Family

Short Essays – The Soul Group. Evolving draft. Substantially right.


The Soul Group is intrinsically linked to your Gatekeeper. There can be only one Gatekeeper chosen in that reality. Ask and they are a formidable protection when you open yourself up in healing or meditation. Your Gate keeper organises the soul family around you. There is no need for dialogue within the family as regards their role. Within the collective communication occurs without the limitations of time.

Your Gatekeeper is your highest self. The most ascended soul within the group and rightly leads and organises. They have the greatest vision. Some of your guides may well be Gatekeepers for other soul families.

As part of the ascension progress back to the Source the Gatekeeper creates avatars of itself to learn. These avatars are placed simultaneously (Time does not exist) in different hosts, different time periods, perhaps distant realities or realms. When the host body no longer serves its purpose, when most of the agreed challenges and experiences are fulfilled, the soul spark returns to Elysium. Most souls are healed under the Black Trees.

The ascended souls of your family are able to access the energetic patterns of all sorts of life forms which can be accessed from the branch library in the heart of our Sun. All forms can be downloaded from the main Galactic library at Elysium. I get the name of the local branch as Shangri-La. To be explored.

Within the protection of the great City of the Creator the Lords of Karma (Crystal Nexis of unimaginable complexity) review the life using the Akashic records. This provides the foundation for the next reincarnation. The soul’s experiences are matched with new challenges in dialogue with your Gatekeeper and soul family.

As the individual souls within the family learn. The entire group ascends regardless of the individual progress of a soul meeting the challenges.

The Gatekeepers work in union forming an energy collective that is represented by the Unicorns. To explore. (I feel it is this Higher form of the Gatekeepers that has the responsibility to collect the soul sparks thrown out into the multiverse from the Source).

At this time, I do not know which Divine group chooses a compatible spark to unite with and join the soul family.

Another role is to manipulate the genetic lineages of the hosts in order to help the newly born soul to connect with the etheric realms, their guides and learn more effectively. There is some process that links souls to a genetic line, a human genome. I’m not sure what it is, not physical. I seem to be getting the idea of a resonance energy down an ancestral line. Our ancestors are important. Why are so many of my main guides & guardian’s family? There is a developing concept about etheric human DNA that may help the soul connect to their human host.

Feel there are Galactic Patron races that look to enhance the lineages. Sirians & Pleideans? To explore.

I believe the Gatekeeper chooses the main spirit Animal guide with the delegation that this guide itself chooses which other animal guides to place around us.

Some of your Soul group may well be living at the same time on this plane.

We are able to access the skillsets of other members of your Soul family of both the ascended and to a lesser extent those present on this plane.

Independent support from other soul groups, collectives and clans also supports the ascension of each soul family.

January 2019.