Finding your Guides and Guardians

Signs of your guides can be anywhere. Everyone will have different experiences. It’s always a good idea to keep a notepad handy and jot down your experiences.

 So where are they? Where will you find them? All over. Lol. They are around you now, close but not that close in terms of vibration. (They are a lot higher) You might see signs of them during meditation particularly when you can reach a little deeper. Maybe entering a sleep state or rousing from sleep. Perhaps dream like experiences that have a real kickass edge of reality to them. Sensations you haven’t really noticed before you started on this journey. Maybe you experienced them and put them to the back of your mind or even dismissed them completely. This isn’t an all-inclusive list by any means and your guides will not just use visual cues to indicate they are around you.

 Temperature changes, a tingling on parts of your body often such as around your head. Sensitivity. Emotional changes when thinking of loved ones that have moved on. Poignant smells of flowers, perfumes, aftershave maybe tobacco. Even a sense of hands on your shoulders or on your hands. It’s easy enough to look up Signs of Angels around you on the internet. If you like listening to music the lyrics of particular songs may often be used to give you a message when you are having a hard time.

 In my own experience I often see Guides, including Angels in cloud shapes, crystal shapes or patterns & feathers placed where you can’t miss them. More rare is interactions such as sparkles of light. People close to me have experienced the finding of coins and robins in unusual circumstances!

 Listen to your conscience or inner self, heart, gut feelings to guide you when making difficult decisions. You’re allowing yourself to tune into your guides for extra support. On your journey this will develop, your ability to hear that inner voice. The voice of your guides.

 I really enjoy a sort of pattern recognition game that enables you to connect. You can do this at any time, in any place. Simply focus on things that have more complex patterns within them. As you get better at meditation you can use open eyed meditation techniques. If you like the outdoors and walking so much the better. Look for patterns just about everywhere. From studying carpets letting your eyes lose a little focus, to wall hangings. Studying clouds is a well-documented favourite, often you might feel a little mental nudge to look at a particular time which is very helpful. This is the time to look!

 Shapes of interesting looking trees, rocks, outlines of boulder shapes. Cliff forms. Paving stones. Tree bark. Patterns in dried mud. Complex flower heads. Studying photographs of your holidays has become one of my favourites as you delve back into the backgrounds of the images! Crystals with inclusions within them or with beautiful patterns on their surfaces. The key is you feel drawn to spend time looking at them. Learn to gaze at the patterns using various angles if you can hold them by hand.

At other times let your eyes shift focus and look through the object as if looking at 3D wallpaper!

 So what might you see, well anything from faces, figures, traditional Angel shapes, a multitude of animal shapes. Your guardians and guides can adopt many different forms to attract your attention. Each form confers different abilities and skill sets for your collective of guides / guardians. One important thing to remember is that eventually forms will appear to you more often and on a more regular basis. Also you will see them at times that mean something to you. The timing is important, it’s often when you need support or belief in your journey. At this point you are definitely on the path and should feel very pleased with this indicator of success. The best way to progress is not to put any pressure at all on yourself to see patterns straight away. There is no set time period, all our journeys are unique. Please do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to others and worrying over progress. Me, your healers, other teachers, spiritual friends. Comparisonitus doesn’t help!

 Far better to see pattern recognition and connection as an enjoyable past time that enhances whatever hobbies or interests you are pursuing. Walking the dog or a loved one. Still times on a journey. Sitting in dappled sunlight in a beautiful garden or wood. Gazing at patterns in moving water. Your guides will also send other coded information that will help you, after developing this heightened state of awareness. As outlined earlier, look again at recent photographs, the light effects within them, cliff forms, rock and cloud shapes, tree outlines. Try out numbers and repeating patterns of them. I too have tried out the little book of Angel numbers and really enjoyed the experience.

 After practice and at the time your guides deem suitable they will begin to appear in your meditations or dreams. When the time is just right for you, they will connect, after all, they are passionate about trying to support & guide you in this challenging realm.

 One of the key ideas that came from a Shamanic introduction course was to associate a guide with a particular piece of music that really resonates with you. Develop this idea a bit more.  Link a music track to all your guides. I have chosen “A Million Dreams” from the Greatest Showman. Courtesy of Susie. I still remember her smile as she asked me whether I heard this track and offered to help.