Meditation and mindfulness are great ways to help you in many aspects of your daily lives. The positive aspects are well studied and documented.

From the beginning I was not using meditation primarily to do this. I wanted to connect more fully with my own Soul family and the Angelic realm.

 Meditation techniques to reach your Guides.


As your crown chakra opens up, these simple requests for protection should be done every day without fail. You will need to establish good, safe routines well before this happens. Good healers will be able to tell you about the state of your crown chakra. Of course, you will feel enhanced interactions and information flow anyway! It may help to imagine your crown chakra opening as a lotus bud that blossoms.

Always have a special place which you love. A place where you may wish to go to in meditation. Where you feel very safe. It could be a sunlit forest glade that you pass through while walking. A favourite beach. A place of very happy memories as a child. Build up detail in that place by visiting often and gradually adding more detail and improving the visualisation. Use relaxation music or sounds if you feel these help. Reduce the light levels if needed. Meditation doesn’t have to be over long periods of time, short regular bursts will suit your needs as a beginner.


1        Sit in a comfortable straight-backed chair and both feet need to be flat on the floor. No shoes. Better to use the same chair and meditate at the same times if you can. Your head and back do need to be straight. Palms resting on your thighs palms uppermost if possible.

 2        Ask your Guides and Guardians for protection even if you don’t know them yet! If you’re a beginner then you can do no better than ask for Archangel Michael’s help to clear the space around you of negative energies. Homework – look up some images of him and stick to your favourite one when calling him up.

 Three-layer protection – Crown Chakra opening – 4 - 5 minutes.

  It’s well worth reading the Protection page. This has moved on considerably in my three years.

 a) Archangel Michael – Ask Michael to place a blue cloak of protection closely around you. Ask him to place a golden bubble of protection around your aura. Finally ask him to place a silvery platinum net of protection around the buildings you are in throughout the day and night, to protect both you and others.

 b) Call on Gaia to give more protection from within Earth. Imagine roots going down from your feet chakra all the way down to the centre of the Earth. Imagine them wrapping around a great golden crystal and ask for the energies to rise up to you. Visualise the golden energies moving up from your feet, legs, through your base chakra and allow to collect and energise your Hara, (solar plexus, just below belly button.) Then imagine the energies moving up through the rest of the chakra to your crown. Visualise the golden energies cascading out of your crown chakra and down, covering your body. Like a beautiful golden waterfall.

 Ask for these excess energies to spread out to help heal locally or groups close to your heart such as children.

 c) Ask your guides and guardians, members of your Soul family to enhance the protection across your day. Remember we all have a gate keeper who manages your soul family, a guardian angel and a spirit animal as well supporting us here. On top of all this if you are into crystals and have some that are protective then call on them to help. I often carry specific ones around for this very purpose, but we often overlook thanking them too. Runes and bind runes, talismans all have their place.

 Breathing & Relaxation.

3        As a beginner it may take a while to settle. Good routines help. Almost all meditative techniques ask you to focus on your breathing. Take some longer deeper breaths at the start, slight pause before the outbreath. Feel your breathing reach a lovely, slower equilibrium. After a short time focus on relaxing your muscle groups…Start at the head, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest, thighs, legs….toes. Feel them softening.

4        Thoughts will rush in from our so busy mind. Many of them. Don’t worry at the number that flit in. Be aware of them. Acknowledge them. Let them go. Go back to the focus on breathing & relaxing. After plenty of practice they will come less and less.

5        At the right time for you your guides will come up through the Earth, through your feet. Maybe as a resonance. Maybe you will feel something else or even see something. They are here to support you and guide you. They have come back because of their love for you.

 Closing Down.

6        Always. This closing down is incredibly important. When you have finished the meditation ask any souls that are not part of your family to leave. Close from the head down. Visualise a wave of energy moving and clearing from your head to your feet. Always thank Archangel Michael, Gaia, your Guides, Guardians, Angels, Crystals and your Spirit animal for their help, their support and of course their love.

 A reflection on my own personal experiences in the early days.

For many attempts nothing much happened. In hind sight, I realise I was still progressing, still moving on. Loads of folk of all ages learn to meditate, you just have to keep going. I was highly motivated as I had begun to see many signs and symbols in my everyday life. These experiences were both great encouragement and a fascinating challenge. The challenge was to give a structure to my own Soul family and the links between them and my ancestral line.

Then one day a saw a golden swirl in the distance. Out of the blue. My expectations were a little lowered by then. Shortly after that it came closer and reminded me of an angel. I didn’t believe in them but there he was. Yes, he was definitely male or possessing more of the sacred male energies. After that the angel would come much closer and I could see more detail. Soon came a beautiful golden eye… I was on track, what I was doing was working. At the time I only had one person I could discuss this with, but that was enough.

What you see and feel will be very individual to you. There are absolutely no comparisons that can be valid. Eventually came some resonances…gentle shivers that moved up from my feet – flat on the floor remember!

Sometime among all this something completely unexpected happened. Visions. Stunningly sharp, beautifully crafted to give the most impact. They also seemed to happen when entering or rousing from sleep. These visions have inspired me to break down the incredibly strong walls of my unbelief. I will always cherish them and hold them close to my heart.

Safe meditation is the key. As you connect, so much more information and help comes in from the Divine. Enlightenment.

Maybe I will share them with you, one fine day, at the school perhaps discuss extracts from my journal to illuminate your own journey.