Protection - Rituals

The protection routines you develop may well reflect your attitude towards insurance. The significant difference is you can tailor a routine or a ritual that suits yourself and the time you have available. Focus, Intent, Manifestation, Practice. The protection needs to resonate with you as an individual. They can be simple or complex depending on what you feel your needs are on your Spiritual journey. Physical protection routines are well documented and interesting such as smudging, rattling, essence sprays, crystal grids or mesas, bowls and Tingsha.  Workshops are a brilliant way to exchange ideas.

 I will outline some routines and the use of protection bind runes, one that I have channelled. As you practice and learn the routines you can call them up with a simple sentence. I still recommend that every now and then you make sure you practice perfect the full routine. Of course, you must thank the Ascended Souls, Archangels, Guardians and Ascended Masters for their support and protection at the end.

Archangel Michael – The Great Protector.

Archangel Michael I ask that you place: - Your blue feathered cloak of immunity around my shoulders.

A golden bubble of protection all around my aura.

A platinum net to shield the buildings I am in. To protect both myself and others.

A combination of Amun and Archangel Raziel.

The Three-Fold Egg.

I call upon Amun and the Archangel Raziel to create the first shell, that of a perfect mirror. From my Soul star to my Earth star. To deflect those with the Sight. Unless it is for my higher good.

I ask for the inner shell of mist (water / fire) to shield against those who would steal my energy.

Finally, I ask for a layer made of wind (Chaos) to ward against……

Protection – Bind Runes

The rune book I reach for almost every day is Odin’s Gateways by Katie Gerard. Yet I would also recommend Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort which lies not far away at my bedside and has interesting chapters on Rune lore and Rune castings as well as the runes themselves. I very much like his chant to Odin which I have adapted a little.

 Hail to thee, Odin, all Father,Master of magic, mystery and might.

Guardian and gifter of rune lore.

Odin. I invoke.

By blood, by kinsfolk gone before.

Come all Father into this circle.

Bless and energise these runes (Or the casting)

Galdr can be described as the use of runes for magic & spell craft. Maybe those well versed in rune lore call it High magic. I don’t believe It is exclusively the domain of male energies. When runes are combined to create Bind runes or Sigils they create different energies based upon the interaction of the runes and the divine energies placed within. I have enjoyed using a Runic wheel described in Katie’s book to look at the symmetry of the individual runes that make up bind runes. However, if you can channel bind runes from the Ascended then clearly that is the way forward.

 When Odin, the rune Master himself appeared in Lisbon, I was given a new bind rune of protection based on the foundation protection version described by Katie. This is what I place within the hand chakra vortices of those I am guided to help. I believe it is a very powerful protective sigil. As I develop my rituals I will invoke Odin to place his divine energies into the runes using the chant.  I draw them over the palm chakra in the particular order I am shown. Many of those I help feel the energies as I draw them a few inches above the chakra core. If guided I also use runes in hands on and distance healing. I recognise that many of the divine symbols I use from my development in Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Gaia healing contain runes.

Protection - EI Morya's Ritual of Protection - Adapted