I feel sure this web page will just take off as I connect. I’m starting off with concepts channelled to me some time ago that I feel are important enough to explore further.  The starting point was Elen Sentier’s short book on The Celtic Chakra’s. Her description of the spiral ways of an ancient Western chakra system of healing, struck an important chord with me. I was intrigued by the book’s reflections on divine feminine and sacred male energies and the use of chakras to journey. After that I began to develop work on parallel themes of using interactive vortices of energies to heal. Followed by the use of constructs which are based on gyres.

 The Celtic Chakra weave.

Early on I began to use this weave in Distance Healing. I was unable to practice directly so this was a good alternative. I used to lay out about 9 pieces of A4 paper on the bed to represent a patient and go through the hand motions facing both West and East to represent real time healing situations. At this moment in time I believe there needs to be attunements for others to be able to establish the weave and use the constructs.

Golden sacred male energies are used first to establish the weave core in the aura. Silver Divine feminine energies are then interwoven. At the end of the weave there is a fusion of the two energies. It doesn’t matter which healing energies you are working with. Gaia, Reiki, Angelic and other Divine symbols such as bind runes can be used at any time. However, they will be more potent after the weave is established.

 Constructs and interactive vortices can also be used in the healing visualisations.  There is a definite order and sequence for these to be used.


 A Hawaiian prayer of reconciliation and forgiveness. An incredibly powerful mantra or prayer. Many folk believe it is miraculous. This prayer can be used to heal the many aspects of negativity in your life. It can be used in all relationships, lovers, partners, friends, family, work colleagues. Folk who have moved on. Past and present. The list is endless.

 The spiritual ritual can be used to heal aspects inside of you and outside of you over a time period of weeks or months. In other words, to heal you and those around you.

You might experience an aspect of self such as anger, insomnia, anxiety, or any kind of negative feeling or negativity that’s going on in your life. This prayer can heal it.

 The ritual is straightforward.

 Step 1

Enter a peaceful, quiet or meditative state.

 Step 2

Focus on the aspect or relationship around you that you feel needs healing or indeed something that might be troubling a friend. Have intent and with real conviction.

Say you are sincerely sorry. You might choose to say this several times.

 Step 3

Say please forgive me for behaving…….expand

 Step 4

Thank you for……. Let go of the negative stuff. Feel gratitude. Focus on the positive.

 Step 5

Say I love you. Love is the focus of the healing.

 Step 6

Ask for a divine blessing on yourself or the other person.

 There are lots of different variants on you tube. Choose one or two that resonate with you.